Glass substrate transition in mind:

Eiko 2009 issue of domestic glass substrate is frequently referred to domestic public opinion, when the earthquake in Japan affected by the Corning factory i...

Liang Yun Futures: Shahe prices fell for the price of loose glass | Glass | Glass Price | Glass Futu

ZCE futures contract FG1405 glass fell today, opening 1291 yuan / ton, the highest price 1293 yuan / ton, the lowest 1278 yuan / ton to 1281 yuan / ton to cl...

Shanghai medium-term: the downside is limited to wet storage test more glass | Glass | Glass Price |

Today glass futures shock downstream. The main 1405 contract closed at 1285 yuan / ton, compared with yesterday's settlement price was flat. Volume of 25.7 ...
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Glass mold

Glass Products

Glass Machinery

Glass materials


Original piece of glass

Appliances, electronics, instrumentation

Lighting, furniture, furniture industry

Glass deep processing

Raw material supplies

Plate glass

Accessories and Tools


  Currency Meeting buy Meeting sell  
  dollar 620.16 615.19  
  HK1 80.04 80.04  
  GBP 935.01 941.57  
  AUD 501.28 504.8  
 业务员 jiangsu
 Salesman liaoning
 Delivery staff shanghai
 Graphic design shanghai
 Sandblasting workers chongqing
 Hollow master shanghai
 Director of production managem tianjing
 Steel main parade jiangsu

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